An Introduction to Reiki by Soma Liyanage

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese word combining two aspects- the “Rei”

being the sacred, spirit and wisdom that comes from the SOURCE

and the “Ki”is that Energy which flows through Everything in Existence.


Reiki is a healing modality which creates within the Practitioner the means to become a channel for Source Energy – also known as Universal Life Force or Spiritual Consciousness.

A short history of Reiki

It is thought that Reiki was first practiced by Buddha and widely practiced in Tibet 2500 years ago then it seems that this healing practice was not heard of for many years.

Medicine Buddha

Reiki was rediscovered by Dr Mikao Usui in Japan in the early 1900s. The energy came to him while on retreat at Mount Kuri-Yama in deep meditation. He then started to practice Reiki healing and went on to start a clinic in Tokyo in 1922.

reiki-mikao-usui Dr Mikao Usui

Dr Usui passed on Reiki to a number of people before his passing in 1926. One of these students was Dr Chujiro Hayashi who treated a woman called Ms Hawayo Takata from Hawaii. She too learned Reiki and went on to lead Reiki education in the West until her own passing in 1980.

Chujiro_Hayashi Dr Chujiro Hayashi   takata Ms Hawayo Takata

Reiki and Healing

Reiki is High vibrational Energy from SOURCE and is attracted to lower vibrational beings such as humans. A Reiki Practitioner is a conductor of this SOURCE Energy and this energy has a healing effect. This type of healing brings the person towards greater balance in Mind, Body and Spirit.


The longer a problem has been present in the body the longer it takes to heal. Reiki can be effective in treating a number of conditions either on the Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual levels. All of this depends on the client -the person must be willing on a soul level to accept this energy.

Reiki should not however replace normal Allopathic medical treatment and is best used as a means of supporting and complementing medical treatments.


Reiki is not recommended for persons with certain medical conditions such as patients taking medication especially for conditions such as Diabetes, High and Low Blood Pressure, Heart and Thyroid Problems, as are persons fitted with a Pacemaker. It is also better not to treat patients with severe Mental Illness or Epilepsy and women in the First Trimester of Pregnancy.

Reiki Attunements


“Reiki brings out that which is already inherent in that Person. It simply turns on a light, since the light fixtures, as it were, are already in place” –Teresa Collins

Attunements are the process by which a Reiki Master can open a channel in the student for Reiki to flow. Attunements in the Reiki 1 workshop come in four parts using the Eastern system of Chakras- First for the Heart Chakra, Second for the Throat Chakra, Third for the Third Eye Chakra and fourth for the Crown Chakra.

Chakras_Kangra,India- Wikipedia

Most people feel the energy flow during sessions although some do not. Most commonly there are sensations of heat in the hands and tingling in parts of the body sometimes images. On more rare occasions the energy is not felt initially then it will become apparent within 3 months of the workshop.

Also worth noting that since Reiki attunements open energy channels (which may be previously imbalanced or closed) you may feel more emotionally vulnerable as you process and integrate these changes. This process continues, in general for about 21 days. You also require extra energy during this time – so extra sleep and healthy nutrition is essential to maintain normal energy levels and facilitate a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual detoxification.

My thoughts on Reiki

If we can truly create our own reality then Reiki is a powerful tool to have in our favour. I was already working with energy in a small way but when I found Reiki the first attunement marked a turning point for me. If you allow it – it can be an incredibly powerful thing to become part of well documented, easily accessible yet completely genuine form of working with energy. This is what felt right for me – I do not expect that to suit everyone.

My journey so far has incorporated other tools, techniques and beliefs most notably Kundalini Yoga, Shamanism, Sound Healing and Angel Meditations, yet no one path holds all the answers for me. I do know that whatever depths I have to navigate I have access to my own self healing care when I need it. It is also great to have another Reiki Practitioner to visit for a session too – it is possible to become too comfortable with our own energy and blind to imbalances. No man is an island!

Since I have done the Masters Level and am continually surprised by how unique every treatment can be. I look forward to sharing the gifts of healing and self care with many in the future. Many thanks to all who have helped me on my Reiki journey…


Reiki at Hand by Teresa Collins (The Collins Press, 2005)

Reiki for Life by Penelope (Piatkus Books, 2012)

The Original Handbook of Dr. Mikao Usui (Lotus Press-Shangri La, 2011)


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