Spiral Press

Spiral Press LOGO

Spiral Press is different

There is a place for people to handle their ideas again and take a grassroots approach and  a personal touch when it comes local quality news, magazines and books.

By coming together in a spirit of adventure we can discover our world together – sharing, educating, stimulating interest and imagination.

Spiral Press Design  –Back to basics

To keep costs at rock bottom – production is ultra low-tech, homemade from locally sourced materials. Our ethos is firmly grounded in reducing waste so we insist on using recycled post consumer waste paper and card.

No Photos in print

The magazine adheres to a strict no photographs strategy – instead it is possible to convert images into outlines to save on ink and printing costs.

This also has the advantage of creating a unique design feature and an opportunity for people or their kids to personalise their issue. Come back to the child-like fun of colouring a picture in or doodling.



Mystical Me Magazine (Bi-monthly)

Current issues in the care and well-being of the Mind Body and Spirit


Wholesome Living + Wholesome Parent Magazine (Bi-monthly)

A dual focus issue with Parenting section separate on the reverse

Wholesome Living is primarily a discovery of Food and Nutrition

with Recipes, Foraging and Grow your Own


Home section looks at methods to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

Parenting articles on health, education and emotional well-being with advice, reviews and resources


Kids Colouring Books + Kids Craft books

Seasonal alternative to kids magazines with a focus on animals and the natural world


Spiral Press Calendar

Month to view calendar with seasonal ART – international celebrations and astrological events


Spiral Press Journal

Week to view journal with seasonal ART – international celebrations and astrological events


Spiral Press Recipe Book

Collections of seasonal recipes



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