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The Spiral

The spiral motif has been a symbol in Europe since Neolithic times such as

The  Temples at Tarxien in Malta 3200BC-2500BC


and Newgrange in Ireland around 2500BC


The spirals used in these glassworks are the logarithmic spiral


which is a self-similar spiral curve which often appears in nature, first described by Descartes and later extensively investigated by Jacob Bernoulli, who called it Spira mirabilis, “The Marvelous spiral”


 The Glass

Natural glass has existed since the beginnings of time, formed when certain types of rocks melt as a result of high-temperature phenomena such as volcanic eruptions (Obsidian), Lightning strikes(Fulgurites) or the impact of meteorites(Tektites) and then cool and solidify rapidly.

The first glass created by man can be dated to about 4,000 years ago, when craftsmen discovered the art of mixing sand, soda, and lime to make glass.

The majority of glass objects made during this early period have been found in Mesopotamia and Egypt. Glass objects were used for personal adornment as beads, for inlays on wooden and ivory furniture, architectural embellishment and formed into containers to hold precious scented oils.