November : Embracing the Queen of Death

AnglerFish“The Angler Fish” painting by Nodsu on

13 Moon Oracle Reading for November

The Triple Spiral token represents where we stand on our continuum of growth

Death Shroud

The Sacred Tool of the Death Shroud

The frequency of Black and the Void with the Quality of  Release

Trust your journey into the void and accept the process of letting go – This distillation through actualised and tangible wisdom as opposed to less useful abstract concepts.

Only then, when what cannot be dissolved remains…

We find our Core Truths and Authentic Self.

Letting go


The Moon token is our primary focus with qualities of consciousness for integration

The priestess

The Archetype of the Priestess

The Frequency of Sapphire Blue and Equanimity

Within the process of Translating the Divine comes challenges to align and clarify our position.

As the Oracle or Seer at the crossroads – where do we see Beauty and Truth?



The Labyrinth token reveals the Rite of Passage available and what shadow aspects may surface

Queen of Death

The Archetype of the Queen of Death

The Frequency of Black

Offering what no longer serves me to the underworld for purification.

Releasing the need to be right or with any certainty

Embracing the unknown of Death and the Void

The Void is in fact our  most powerful Sanctuary

– preparing us for our rebirth into this life or the next.

rebirth_of_a_black_mothBridgetNeilson Rebirth of a Black Moth on Bridget

Linger in this state of Void and Rebirth over the next few weeks to enjoy the profound insights available at this special time of year.



Soma Luna Mystic


*A Reading based on the 13 Moon Oracle by Ariel Silsbury, Mandala Publishing 2006*



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