October: The Divine Temple of the Open Heart

shutterstockHearts Image:Shutterstock

The Triple Spiral token represents where we stand on our continuum of growth

The Archetype of the Priest or Priestess with the Frequency of Sapphire Blue and Equanimity

Qualities: Meditative, Stillness and Calming

Mantra: “Om Nama Shiva”

The Moon token is our primary focus with qualities of consciousness for integration

The Archetype of the Weaver Dreamer with the Frequency of Magenta and Synchronicity

Qualities: Expansive, Unlimited, Non Linear and Connective being Fractal in nature

purple fractal image

The Labyrinth token reveals the Rite of Passage available

and what shadow aspects may surface

The Archetype of the Goddess of Love with the Frequency of Pink and Fulfillment

Qualities: Unconditional Love, Expressive, Sensual, Gratitude

Shadow Aspects: Jealousy, Obsession, Manipulation and Vanity

….Become fully present to enter the Divine Temple of the Open Heart

love others


*A Reading based on the 13 Moon Oracle by Ariel Silsbury, Mandala Publishing 2006*



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