Reborn in the Light : Living my Truth



Image credit: Girl with wind in her hair: Richard Avadon. Throat Chakra modifications : Reine

Currently we are going into a full Moon on the 5th and leading into a powerful solar eclipse on the Spring equinox – in general these cosmic events tend to highlight and magnify imbalances in our vibration. So what where am I now and what am I picking up on?

Well, I ran out of steam after Christmas and have not posted in a long long time. On some level I was blocked and in the void of creation- I know this now. I needed a stimulus to break through to the other side. Awakening is decorated with these occasional and beautiful moments of  clarity.

These stimuli came in various forms during a period of personal and public revolution. I struggled to break free of many self imposed limitations. I strived to feel more comfortable in my own skin. Seeking to recapture a more vibrant connected self…

Looking the part

Since I was a teen I knew this worked for me – I cut my hair short. Now, when I looked into the mirror I can see the change and start to own it, show it, expose it. I started with a tame cut early January and then extended into a more radical shaved sides last week (I got the cooperation of my partner for this and he rather liked my new look…) Since I really like the idea of cutting my own hair I did a little trim off the top today and my new look is complete. What this has done is clearly focus me on refining some of my self expression. Showing the world I am not afraid to expose myself. I’m breaking out – right here – in your face! So what?


As always close relationships are constantly coming under fire from the demands of daily living. We have a young child and that requires patience and attention daily. We are constantly trying to find a good balance where everyone feels their needs are being met in terms of education, work, friends, family time, self care… It is not easy when the goal posts keep moving …but that’s life!


I see much of my work is centred around the Sacral and Throat Chakra. During many Kundalini Yoga Kriyas issues of Throat Chakra blockages were highlighted.

In the past I have become so overwhelmed that I suffered panic attacks, physical tightness in the throat while trying to speak or shortness of breath. I also had a tremendous amount of tension in the jaws. Of course I also had problems with other energy centres at the same time, particularly the SOLAR PLEXUS (personal power and confidence) and of course the HEART. I was told kindly that I would find communication much easier when I could learn to speak from the heart more. Up until then my words were of a much colder, harsher, reality where everyone was the enemy…I had been hurt through many disappointments in friendships coupled with very tense living situation around that time and was either feeling very vulnerable or defensive.

Thankfully those days are far behind me now but other challenges still remain. Of all the advances I have made  – still more issues remain. Like peeling the onion a new layer becomes exposed asking us to refine our preferences further.

A Personal Journey

Feeling our way onto the new ground – to sense the frequency that resonates uniquely with us and us alone… No other being can do this for us. We must find the strength of will to make our own choices. The teachings of others are useful to a point. Life will pose us with challenges to ponder and solve such as… “If I keep making this mistake over and over I can’t expect different results…why not try something new?” Even the awareness of this is a breakthrough in itself while maintaining control in stressful situations  is a triumph over patterns of a lifetime.

We search to find that strength within – the resourcefulness to help ourselves and to participate more deeply in our own co-creation. Through my own trial and error I have found techniques and information that guides my development such as Astrology, Yoga, Guided Meditation, Mindfulness, Reiki, Aromatherapy to name a few…

Underlying all this is a need to be more self sufficient in my choices of care for mind, body and spirit to contribute to a more empowered self.

Speaking my truth

A few years ago I found a wonderful group following the book “The Artists Way” I felt an amazing connection with our facilitator who spoke easily about facing our assumptions for positive change in ways that resonated with me deeply. The changes that happened in that time and the following 6 months were profound. I have found that the journaling I practiced then, opened up a whole new world to me where I could  pursue writing as a means of self expression.

Since then I have had a few articles published in Brigids Fire magazine, my blogging here and my new outlet and long awaited medium – Screenwriting.

This has been a big healing experience for me after spending most of my life unable to express myself in many ways – finally I am allowing myself to stand into the light of day.





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