An Introduction to Tantra


In Tantra practices, there is what is known as White and Red Tantra.

I have found that Kundalini Yoga is a form of White tantra. Where you explore your energy while looking to express sexual energy (especially Root and Sacral chakras ) in non-sexual ways.


Practices of Osho and many Pagan practices are of the Red Tantra variety  – where they do not seek to ignore or hide these energies but express them as they are – in the full, wild and natural states that arise.

tantra-art tribalpartnerssex-magic Witchcraft  tantra bliss Hathor Goddess

I see vast advantages to having both approaches on hand. There are situations where the clarity and purity of Kundalini Yoga Kriyas or Partnered White Tantra will produce powerful and straightforward results. Then again there are the situations of raw energy of passion and emotion – is it not more appropriate to match this vibration with a more instinctive practice?

I have searched for information on this Red Tantra and found this useful and informative Documentary.

Tantra: The Path of Love

As a couple or individually these practices gently open and nourish the heart to an expanded consciousness of LOVE…

“Tantra in essence is the meeting of the left and right sides of the brain which you could think of as the masculine and the feminine aspects within ourselves… and it is said when these aspects meet there is a physical metamorphosis that happens and the brain that resemble a swan in flight to denote an awakened being…when you balance within the male and female within yourself or with a partner who reflects that inner man or inner woman” -Mahasatvaa Sarita

They go on to explain that Tantra is actually in all things and at many levels…A mother to her child and a teacher with a pupil ranging from compassion to sharing cosmic space with a partner.

They believe that tantra is about 6000 years old and that Yoga is a part of this practice.

Here we are introduced to the historical context of which Tantra was introduced to the West. Within the Judeo-Christian view of sexual repression there was an unbalanced fascination with the sexual aspect without the essential meditative and spiritual elements.

Yoni Puja The Yoni Puja Ritual

Tantra is an invitation to find the Child within – to forget the pressures of being Adult in favour of being more free and in touch with our essential being in nature.

“Tantra is part of the Shamanic Culture. The tantra went underground…it seem like in this country (UK ) the sexual traditions did not survive except very very secretly…the church was so anti sex – it got turned into the black magic – Well it’s just anti tantric propaganda really” – John Hawken, Tantric Path

All over the world are remnants of various Shamanic cultures from The Native Tribes of North and South America to the Celtic Pagan groups of Druids and Witchcraft. All sharing a common thread of Fire ritual and Energy Work.

Core to this, is finding ourselves again to this world in all it’s beauty, mystery and magic. Unashamed of our bodies, our feelings and our thoughts. Looking to simpler times to find the meaning we are sometimes at a loss to find in a technological world.

For women some of this mystery and magic can be found simply in the form of Dance in particular Belly Dance or similar. It evokes an exotic nature and a culture that we can leave to our imaginations…

peacock Dancer  AnsuyaVintage

But to experience Tantra directly and intimately is for another time.


White Tantra:

Peacock Belly Dancer:


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