12.12 Gateway

A Stage of Synthesis in Awakening

The cycles of expansion bring us to this point where we can start to put together some of the pieces. Holistic thinking assures us that it is more than the sum of its parts. We can only see this while holding all together equally and with clarity.

During this past few weeks I have become clear about my experience and looked to define my thoughts on many more – right there on these pages.

In addition I have had the wonderful input and encouragement from some of my favourite Ascension guides…

These eyes God – Heaven Hell and Awakening ~ Lovers of Truth

There is strong possibility that there are infinite stages of Awakening (Beyond time) – that it will be beyond the mind – beyond our current understanding. We should allow a not-knowing to occur. Aiming for a state of Being as opposed to Thinking. Feeling your way forward with Heart knowing or feeling the Truth in things. I do not expect my Awakening to have a finite ending! 🙂

Awakening is a deeply personal journey and we all find the practices that suit us when we are ready. A discussion of the term “NEW AGE” sometimes creates polarisation –  a for and against. This duality is just another 3D concept that holds us back from realisation of our Truth from an expanded perspective.


For many one of the final polarity to transcend is the Light vs Dark in the world. As we are capable of being the highest Love and Light so too are we capable of the cruelest, darkest Hate. One way we can encounter this is through working with the Shadow and also journeys to the Underworld in shamanic practices. Here we see the world of the most basic instincts, the world of life and death in the web of life. Mother Nature demands destruction for renewal and the ultimate survival of the whole – it just IS.

Surrendering to the flow. We can be present to witness a lot of “Doing” that we are actually not initiating. Things just fall into place. Are we the Dance that Source creates to express itself? Do we get lost in the flow of life? Do we loose much of what we define as our Self  -in favour for connection to All?


Can the cost of Awakening be that we must experience both Heaven and Hell right here on Earth? For the longest time I have thought this was true. We can create, very effectively, all the features of a personal Hell for ourselves with very little effort. The same holds true for Heaven. My personal experience in Spirituality gives me a viewpoint where I never felt intimidated into the prospects of facing an afterlife in Hell. It just was not in my vocabulary. So do the very best you can with THIS time right now. It is worth noting that if this is true, WE CAN also create HEAVEN on EARTH if we want to…

“We should not run from the Hell – this Hell creates a balance…we don’t go through it all to chicken out – we are lovers of Truth”

I have listened to a good portion of the Adyashanti radio show she refers to but did not get to the part she mentions about the lady who was in hell. My interpretation of this situation runs parallel to the Dark night of the soul – where we are indeed very alone and lost.

Everything is connected and the signs of truth abound.

This is a wonderful Journey.





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