A Cosmic Fate on Mondays


A Quickening is upon us and the steady march of time is highlighted by the feel of time.
Being here now… experiencing as we do, has taken on a new depth.
Time is now such a blur of what it used to be…passing beyond its meaning into pastures new.

Minutes turn into Hours…
Hours turn into Days…
Days turn into weeks…

The days of the week, of which are seven (one of my favourite numbers) celebrate the primary cosmic forces exerted upon us all.

Sunday – Sun
Monday – Moon
Tuesday – Mars or the Norse God Tyr
Wednesday – Mercury or the Norse God Woden
Thursday – Jupiter or the Norse God Thor
Friday – Venus or the Norse God Frigg/Freya
Saturday – Saturn

The history of our seven day week is simple – a way of marking the phases of the moon which changed approximately every seventh day. How much are these names celebrating the Gods or are those same Gods now influencing us with years use – a type of spiritual imprinting?

Today we start the working week on Monday and that is ingrained on us – Sunday is the only real day off for many and then Monday is back to work.

manic mondayMonday_ad

Monday Blues is a term now used to describe the way many feel. It seems like a lot of people have this reaction that could well just be a cry for help.

Is your job achievable or satisfying?

Do you have a balance between energy spent on work, self care, your relationships and pastimes?

Do you have a good attitude towards the work you do?

Could you be going through depression?

luis royo_the labyrinth tarot_major arcana_the moon

The qualities of the moon force us to see the watery emotional depths of ourselves – the mystery, the magic and the primal forces that we ignore at our peril. We can work in this subconscious landscape if we learn to accept the gifts that wait for us here – the vision that can lead to either inspiration or madness.

Learn to express yourself somehow this is a great way to ease the pressure. Then maybe you will find a way forward and Mondays will be inspiring and beautiful as they should be.

moon and stars







Days of the week – http://www.pantheon.org/miscellaneous/origin_days

Monday blues – psychcentral.com Monday Morning blues



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