Love our Feet


Anytime is a good time for a bit of love for our feet. They do so much for us – so what can we do for them? For some lucky persons their feet are a joyful happy part of their body – but for many this is not the case.


About Feet

The most obvious is the legacy of  badly fitting shoes/ damaging shoes at any point in our lives. Then often the cringe-worthy skin complaints – namely Athletes Foot and Verrucas and even ingrown toe nails for others. Some of us need some guidance. It is time we stopped ignoring our foot problems!

The longer the problem has existed then longer it takes to cure. So do not expect quick fixes…

The Feet is a key to our Energy Systems


The meridians or energy pathways of the body above show how all parts of the body are connected to the feet. It is then easier to understand what the body is saying to us. Through the language of the feet. Reflexology is a great way to stimulate, detoxify and encourage balance in the body as a whole.


The feet must be allowed to be free sometimes – to breathe and feel the world around you. I do not wear shoes indoors but mainly slippers with socks. I try to have my feet bare for some part of the day while seated and will often take a walk around my back garden on the grass. Allowing the sensations to happen and connecting to Mother Earth.

Listen to the intuition of your feet. One particularly cold winter I felt the chill in my bones from the ground. I felt my poor feet were neglected. I went out a found some thermal shoe liners and tried them on. I could almost feel my feet smiling for the warmth coursing back into my veins. I was more alive than before!

Foot Exercises

Exercising the feet for flexibility and health. A really nice instructional video on stretches and toe poses in Yoga.

A lovely 30minute yoga practice

A Foot bath for Spiritual Cleansing

Sea Salt/Rock Salt foot bath specifically for spiritual cleansing incorporating mantras or prayers

Do a Foot Massage

You do not need to go to a professional every time*. Here is a very simple but effective massage you can do on the feet taking in some core reflexology points.

*Please use your own judgement whether this is safe for you. These techniques are generally safe. If you are pregnant, taking medication or have a serious illness please consult your doctor or massage therapist.

and finally for an extra special treat add some exquisite beauty with the art of Henna Tattoo…

trendy-henna Ankle



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