Maori Haka

MaoriMask Image: William Etheridge

There is a great wisdom and strength of the warrior spirit in the form of the Haka.

I have many times found myself deflecting a profound sense of psychic attack by making a vicious face of the Haka – eyes bulging and tongue extended in disgust. I never thought much of it until one evening giving feedback to someone in a similar situation.


The All Blacks Rugby team of New Zealand perform the now famous Maori Haka “Ka Mate, Ka Mate” possibly since 1906.

Many elements of the chant were already part of Maori and Polynesian cultures of the Pacific and this Haka as it is known today is said to have originated from a Ngati Toa Chieftain Te Rauparaha.

Here is a good translation and interpretations* :

KA MATE! KA MATE!  ——- It is death! It is death!         —–We were at war

KA ORA! KA ORA!        ——-It is life! It is life!            ——–But now there is peace.

KA MATE! KA MATE! -We’re going to die! We’re going to die! -We thought we were all going to die

KA ORA! KA ORA!   —We’re going to live! We’re going to live! ———but now we are safe

TENEI TE TANGATA, PU-HURU-HURU———-This is the man, so hairy

——because our leader, so strong and masculine,

NANA NEI I TIKI MAI, WHAKAWHITI, TE RA!——who fetched,  and  made shine, the  sun!

——-has unified us and brought back the sunny days of peace!

UPANE! KA UPANE!—-Together! Keep together!—–We are all working in harmony, side by side,

HUPANE! KAUPANE!    ——-Up the step! A second step!————making steady progress

WHITI TE, RA! HI!     ——-Out comes the, sun! Ahh!——to prolong these sunny days of peace.

To me, through the number of versions and words said about the significance of this – it is a powerful ritual. Life and Death are acknowledged and respected while maintaining a thoroughly strong position while talking about peace. The Sun (RA) holds a high place of reverence and association with happiness as it should. 🙂

In these times, it may be confusing to know how strong we can be or should be. As a Healer I am so open and yielding through deep empathy to others a great deal of the time. A balance comes from knowing when to unleash you inner Warrior to get down and dirty! Sending a clear message to the universe that I AM empowered and POWERFUL.

I love watching the Haka and it leaves the audience both energised and happy -the All Blacks team have a great track record in their sport with this fantastic motivational and inspiring war cry.

I found a great tutorial for learning the Haka below:


All Blacks Website   —

* Website and  research paper Ka mate – its origins, developments and significance by John Archer 2008  —-



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