The Inner child


We are born with a clear understanding of our Life Purpose and let the world change us. We trust those who lead the way to do what is in our best interests yet they act from a place of attachment and motives.

When we learn enough about life we realise that events shape the people we become. That parents are just people and make mistakes too. We can then investigate our most core assumptions to discern a healthier outlook.

I have encountered my own inner child through meditation. I created a sanctuary where we could both be safe. She arrived when I called for her easily. I observed her – her presence, her being-ness. A child of this world like any other but also…ME. I felt this experience was entirely honest. This child certainly was innocent and shy.

I asked her what was fun in her world and she replied to dress up and dance! Something that still fascinates me…the art of performance, making believe and expressing creatively through visual appearance and movement. Movement ensures energy is always changing and evolving. This is progressive and active medicine.

Is it not a valuable skill to embody other states to discover new meaning to life? Wearing a mask need not own us – we empower ourselves through exploration.


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