Integrity for expansion


Last Saturday I was honoured to do a number of readings with the public for the first time. Integrity came up three times during the day.

I maintained that taking time to align with your core values will create the best outcomes. Now is the time to be honest with yourself and with the world around you. You can make a difference in small ways today, that have enormous effects from now on. Believe in yourself.

It is the darkest weeks of the year in the days coming towards the New Moon (Saturday 22nd November 2014). To me this is a superimposed complete and utter void.  The slate is clean. A chance to take in all the lessons and create a vision for the future.

This new you demands certain changes to manifest an authentic existence. Now is the time.

This is where you firstly feel with heart the truth…you see the difference in your life and you do something about it. It may mean telling someone you don’t like a certain thing that you always ignored…knowing that you need not justify yourself to others much…you just changed your mind! This issue is a calm debate – not a heated defensive argument.

Join me in creating Sacred Space this weekend to set intentions going forward. Find time to look at what you are doing for the rest of November, then December and most of January…what steps to living with integrity can you take today, this week, this month?

For us Christmas with a preschool child is a new challenge to maintain our values in the face of the most materialistic time of year. Integrity to adjust our spending to the levels we think are appropriate and spending to companies making quality, well made, educational products.

My favourite Astrologer Tom Lescher talks about this weeks (Nov 18 – 24 ) powerful celestial influences. His Mantra for this week is…

“I must pull myself together
And rise up from the ashes,
Rekindling the flame
Of love for all that happens.”






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