Dark night of the soul


A lot of people are getting to the stage where they find this phrase and know this explains what they are going through.

I found an article a few years ago after my world had been turned upside-down and inside-out. The point where you are utterly lost and at sea with yourself. There is no one left to call. You must face this alone. It is a process of stripping away all the unnecessary, the baggage and the pain. Releasing our attachments to any and all.

I know on some level I wanted this but was not prepared for what toll it would take – to be honest I had taken a set of bad decisions and needed to back track fast… how the web was un-spun was just the beginning.

One day you realise you have reached a still point, the eye of the storm…. now you have another decision – keep trying to fight it or give in and surrender to the moment. In this void you get a chance to recover.

Your task now – is to use your creativity to find yourself again but more importantly – Reinvent yourself somehow. Mindful of the lessons learned – the why you had to get this released and how you are transformed to rising above it.

Committing to finding out more about your true self with a view to nourishing the parts of you that are in synch with your Higher Purpose.

Something of the old you has died – but more accurately – I feel you are reborn.

Welcome to your new world – We are joyfully waiting to see what unique qualities only you can bring to this world. You only have one life – so live it the best you can  🙂


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