Kwan Yin and Magnified Healing


During a reading some years ago I was told that Kwan Yin was with me as a spirit guide. Since then I have found many signs that have revealed her to me.

One of the first was finding the book Kwan Yin: Accessing the power of the Divine Feminine. Within these pages I found her 33 aspects that so often reflected what I was looking for at that time and the revelation that she is the “Perceiver of the cries of the world” and intricately connected to sound and hearing.

It was no coincidence… when I thought of finding a statue of Kwan Yin for a home altar that I found one in a charity shop for 50c! One of many ways that Kwan Yin has found into my life.

One of the deepest connections was made through the practice of Magnified Healing. I soon discovered that the teacher in a meditation group I attended taught a healing modality connected with Kwan Yin. In the weeks following this news I had some strong indications that this was an important path for me.

I had already taken the first two Reiki Attunements and was happy to take on the intensive Heart chakra energy of Compassion, Mercy and Forgiveness. I took an appointment to receive a Magnified Healing Treatment with my teacher and was encouraged to find that it was exactly what I was looking for.

A few weeks later I took the Magnified Healing Phase one training over a weekend, in a small intimate group.

The procedure for self practice Magnified Healing is lengthy compared to Reiki but I find it works more effectively in helping me focus my intention.

What I know now is that I transformed much in me through taking this initiation – the way of the Heart is a long one and I have many more lessons to learn.


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