Kundalini Yoga Mantra Workshop and Kirtan

Nirinjan Kaur

On the 14th September 2014 I attended a wonderful day of Kundalini yoga practice.

I arrived in time to meet the Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association of Ireland who organised an opening meditation to begin the days proceedings.

Soon it was time to start the Kundalini Yoga Mantra Workshop led by Nirinjan Kaur accompanied by Matthew Schoening.

We opened Sacred Space by tuning in with the Adi Mantra and continued with warm up exercises and on to practice the Kriya and Mantras.

It was a challenging Kriya as I recall…and the mantras designed to open and activate the throat chakra at times were quite difficult. I found myself as many other times, faced with resistance and symptoms of unbalances such as tickling in the throat and coughing. I did my best to observe the body and allow whatever needed to happen, while maintaining a focus on progressing through the exercises as best I could.

We had a period of relaxation and closed our practice.

At this point there was a break for a long lunch before the Concert (Kirtan) in the afternoon. We had the use of the same venue throughout the day and was enhanced by the presence of local musicians with devotional singing.

Matthew Schoening started the concert with tracks from his solo album titled “Narrow Path”. I very much enjoyed the uplifting feeling and inspirational mood that he set. My favourite was the track called “Frolik” which he himself linked to Ireland.
Nirinjan Kaur went on to perform tracks from her current album “From within” including her sublime rendition of “Adi Shakti” and the delicate presence of “I AM”



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